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Story Time

Peter and Tony wanted to build an audience on Twitter.

Both knew threads create a funnel to turn a reader into a follower.

Peter started writing threads randomly.

Tony took inspiration from the most viral threads on Twitter.

Tony today has an audience of 100000+ followers on Twitter.

Peter is still trying random content, hoping to go viral sometime.

Peter blames the algorithm for his failure.

I bet you do not want to end up like Peter.

What made the difference?

Have you ever wondered, why most people create content for 6 months and give up?

It is because they don't get followers.

Why don't they get followers?

Because they create content that people don't find helpful today.

This differentiates a person who gets 100000+ followers in a year and a person who gets 1000+ followers in a year.

If you want more followers, write what people like to consume.

A solution unlike any other

I've built a solution for you to get to know 499+ viral threads on Twitter from 50+ writers in 10+ niches on Clickup.

How to use a thread for inspiration?

Let us take an example here.


The above tweet has 367200+ likes, 72000+ retweets and 3400+ comments.

How can you use this thread as an inspiration?

1. Use it as an idea: 10 free things that are valuable to people or increase their speed or efficiency at work

2. Use it as a template: 10 free [insert the product] that are so valuable they feel illegal to know

3. Use it as a framework: 10 free mind-blowing websites

4. Use it to learn something new: Get to know the best websites from this thread. Learning something new always helps.


The product was launched on Product Hunt and became the #1 Product of the day, with 100+ sales in one day.

Here is the proof:

Over the last 5 months, I've built an audience of 1800+ followers by failing a lot.

These failures taught me to learn from the best writers and create content.

I bet you do not want to fail in your content creation journey.

If you are someone who wants to succeed on Twitter, this is a FREE treasure for you.

Don't wait for tomorrow because tomorrow never comes.


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A resource with 499+ viral threads of 50+ writers across 10+ niches


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Viral Thread Stack

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