Golden Hook Templates

Shushant Lakhyani
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I started using Twitter as a creator in April 2022.

I wanted to grow on Twitter as a creator, and I knew that threads create a great funnel to build an audience.

I made a bad mistake here.

I thought of writing threads my way.

I struggled, I failed, but I had to learn the hard way.

I learned that you need to write the thread hooks like the top writers to get reach like them.

I started writing thread hooks like top writers, taking inspiration from them and my account grew faster.

Here is the proof:

August 2022: I was writing threads my own way.

After two months, I started writing thread hooks like top writers.

Here are the results:

October 2022:

I'm growing fast now, and this technique is showing results.

If you are someone who doesn't want to struggle as I did earlier, this is going to work for you while writing threads.

Are you tired of making threads and not seeing results?

Are your threads not getting enough reach?

Are you not able to figure out what threads to write?

Are you not able to figure out how to prepare a viral hook?

Here is a solution for you with 250+ thread hook templates of 25+ notable twitter influencers.

Use these templates to:

1. Draft viral thread hooks

2. Ideation

3. Build a thread hook framework

Regarding writing threads, your hook matters 80%, and the rest of your thread matters 20%.

Hence, drafting a hook that attracts eyeballs is a must.

Proof of Work:

Here are some of my threads that have performed really well.

All these hooks here were inspired by the hooks of the best influencers on Twitter.

  1. Link:

  2. Link:

  3. Link:

How to use these thread hook templates?

1. Take inspiration from the original thread hook

2. Fill in the blanks to use this template and build a viral thread hook


Here is a viral thread hook:


A template of this can be:

____ that'll make you believe you have superpowers.

[ All Free ] ↓

Here, use the blanks to fill it in your way.

This is how you use a viral thread hook to build a hook template.

What are you waiting for?

Get this now.

Don't wait for tomorrow because tomorrow never comes.

Also because


I want this!

250+ viral thread hook templates of 25+ notable twitter influencers



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Golden Hook Templates

36 ratings
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